Family Atmosphere


Atmosphere and values tell

children what is important

in the family.


Feelings come from beliefs

you can change your

feelings by changing your



Encouragement helps children

grow in self – esteem. They

need to feel they


are accepted

are capable

are loved


A child needs to contribute

it gives a sense of



          _Notes from Grandma’s Diary





Photo Set

Swaziland Reed Dance - 2006.

An invitation to a sacred ceremony that could not be turned down. Going to Swaziland was a journey never to be forgotten. The beauty of the Swazi maidens, shared history about the King’s regiments, the songs, chanting to the river sounds echoed by the rustic musical pipe… The Reed! 

Photo Set

More from PLAY DAY.

Photo Set

PLAY DAY - Kwa Thema


It is through their smiles and laughter that we felt abundant JOY. The support we received from our families was beyond the bond. Spread Love through Play; encourage it, it builds character. On this day kids gathered to come play. They had fun we had more fun. It was a great day at the park. The rain brought with it many blessings.


Like the Sunrise…